5 Social Media Solutions for a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

As soon as you have a service to offer or product to sell, your natural drive to shine kicks into full gear.

Ideally, your phone would be ringing non-stop from customers desperate for your help.

Reality, however, is a different scenario altogether.

In fact, 63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge, and 80% report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective. (Hubspot)

Lead nurturing or customer conversion is a process that involves consistent and targeted forms of communication to qualified prospects, regardless of when they aim to purchase.

With so many outlets to reach potential buyers, it’s important to incorporate a smart and savvy method to the madness, and social media can help.

Here are 5 social media tips to increase lead nurturing success rates utilizing social media.

social media lead generation infographic

1. Design Your Strategy 

Initially, your business will need to establish a main goal to work towards.

Perhaps your company is seeking results among a younger audience, or aims to gather 100 new leads by the end of the month.

Whatever your goal in relation to lead nurturing, in order to amplify your reach your team needs to design a tactful plan to engage and gain credibility with your target clients. Structure your campaign around the needs of your company to good timing.

A social media strategy designed to engage with leads will include:

  • Exclusive offers and deals for followers
  • Polls and surveys
  • Discount codes
  • Paid ads

2. Imagine Social Media as a Way to Stay in Contact With a Long Distance Friend

If you want to keep the relationship alive, never let the spark fizzle out – in other words: Stay in contact.

According to Marketo.com, 50% of leads are not sales ready. Maintaining a fluid connection with prospects throughout the sales process will maximize your chances of conversion.

The majority, if not all of your sales leads are presently active on social media channels. If your business is not reaching out to your engagers on multiple platforms, even after a thank you/confirmation email, you will quickly find yourself losing brand ambassadors.

3. Encourage Your Employees to Use Social Media as a Way to Pursue Leads

Whether you’re trying to buy a cheeseburger or a brand new car, you want to engage with a real person. A company’s top set of goals should always include providing accessible and star quality customer service.

Every day potential buyers, though they may be browsing their twitter feed, are seeking opportunities to connect on a personal level. Your employees can help your business build a stronger foundation of leads by inviting friends and followers to learn more about what you have to offer.

4. Study the Results

If you want to improve your results, you must study what’s worked (and hasn’t worked) in the past.

There are a variety of tools for business owners to track all aspects of their social media integration, from Google analytics to individual platform analytics.

An in-depth analytical report will show what your fans are interested in, how you can provide solutions and which content is ineffective and wasting space.

5. Study the Competitor

Investigating the marketing tactics of your business competitor has never been more transparent.

Take some time with your team to learn about the structure of your competitors by evaluating their marketing actions.

Sign up for a membership email and see what happens next. Did they send you a thank you email, followed by a personalized request to learn more about their services? Perhaps their email made an enticing offer to follow their Twitter account or like their Facebook page.

Take notes and learn from your business role model. More importantly, make a point to build your business around creative solutions to reach success.

Does this all sound confusing for you? Are you unsure how in the world you can find the time to do all of this? Give Red Kite a call, we will have your social media efforts soaring in no time!

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