Red Kite Business Advisors is a strategic marketing consultancy led by Fortune 1000 marketer Evelyn Olson Lamden. Her 30+ years experience with major brands provides expertise in market and data analysis, market research and planning, media planning, branding and advertising. Red Kite was launched based on gender marketing trend-tracking, and services have expanded to include any company with the desire to grow their customer base through marketing.  That’s a tall order for any marketing firm, but Red Kite’s job is to help connect a company, large or small, to their best customer.

Gender Marketing

Red Kite was founded on being “Experts on Women.”  This decision was driven by the fact that women drive 80% of all purchasing decisions, however, not to forget the men, more recent studies indicate that their male counterparts have gained in their purchasing strength. These changing statistics are mainly due in part to parenting practices, now closer to 50/50, stay-at-home dads, and husbands who make the grocery lists and do the shopping. However, the woman is still Queen in most categories and is still the major influencer, and marketers should be tuned in to her needs.

Let Red Kite help you analyze your data and define your audience in a way that minimizes waste and targets your best consumer right on point. We can provide insights and unique research on America’s top consumer to assist with strategic plans or develop women’s initiatives or to make your brand – her brand.

Other areas of Expertise include:

Consumer Research

Red Kite’s strategic approach is research based. We bring the latest trends as well as new psychometric and traditional research tools, and “dot-connecting” analysis to our consulting relationships and speaking engagements.

Data Analysis

Many companies accumulate mounds of data but either don’t have the time to analyze it and turn it into actionable data, or they suffer “analysis paralysis” and are overwhelmed.  Red Kite can help translate that information into meaningful marketing strategies.

Integrated Marketing

Our solutions are designed to reach consumers with the most cost-efficient mix of online and traditional media to build brand, generate response and track results.

Franchise Marketing

We develop multi-tier branding and marketing strategies to promote the brand, generate leads and ensure consistency.

Sustainability Marketing

Not all consumers are created equally concerned about the environment. We uncover the most green-leaning consumers.

Hispanic Marketing

Through our multi-cultural partners, we bring new understanding and strategies to reach the emergent Hispanic market.

We (males) snicker about women’s proclivity but persist in reflexively acting as if the consumer – for furniture, cars, food and computers alike – is a he.” — Tom Peters


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