How to Make Time for Social Media

If you’re not using social media, you already know you’re beyond fashionably late to the game.

But that’s ok. You get a pass on this one, because we know that diving into the deep dark world of social media — especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners — isn’t always at the top of the long list of to-do’s.

Thing is? That pass expires. At some point you need to engage and wade into that world.

The biggest barrier to entry: Time.

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No one ever seems to have the time to start — let alone maintain — a social media campaign. And while it may seem overwhelming, it really doesn’t have to be. Here, we’ve developed an action to plan to get you started (minimal time required).

1.) Start Small

Take a breath. Back up. There’s no need to launch a full-fledged social media attack and invade all the channels. Instead choose one, maybe two and start there (Facebook and Twitter are the go-to’s). Get to know how they work, get comfortable. Start posting consistently. Get some followers, interact and engage, and go from there.

2.) Set Time Aside. Every. Day.

Nothing crazy here.Thirty minutes a day devoted to social media is all it takes. Use that half an hour to post your content and engage with others. Read your feed, leave comments, interact. Those are the building blocks to successful social media, and if you can commit to thirty minutes you’re well on your way.

3.) Make a Calendar

Don’t waste time each day stressing over what to post. It will eat up your precious thirty minutes and seriously damage your relationship with social media. Instead, devote one day to planning out your content for the next week. Make a social media calendar, and fill each day with a different post – whether it’s original or shared content.

4.) Use a Planning Tool

Once you have your content planned, load it into one of the many scheduling tools available (think Buffer, Tweetdeck or Meet Edgar), and let it do the work. Just choose which day and what time you want the post to go live, and then feel free to forget about it.

Remember, consistency is key.

You don’t have to become a social media butterfly overnight. But by making it a part of your daily routine and offering consistent content to your target audience, you’ll tap into an endless fan base you never knew you had. 

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